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Code Rush Podcast

Code Rush is a regular podcast about the challenges of front-end design & development in a fast-moving industry. Jay George and me chat about industry news, workflow, favourite software, and everything else related to designing and developing websites.

We started a podcast because we discovered how much fun we have talking shop in real life. A lot of podcasts these days shift towards Jamstack which is a development stack the both of us don’t really use and prefer. We’ll try to shine our light on the technology we love. For you to enjoy and maybe learn from.

In our pilot episode, we introduce ourselves before diving into Scroll-timeline and the desire for native scroll triggering, along with aversions to snap scroll and jacking. We lament the vanilla CSS / Tailwind community divide—with us shaking hands across the fence—before discussing misconceptions about Tailwind, plus its application of some of the newer vanilla CSS like :has().

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