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About Rob, the studio and a little history

Once upon a time...

It started with a bachelor in Design and Multimedia. After that I was a teacher for many years at the Noorderpoort Art and Multimedia School in Groningen. I started graphic design when I was young and was co-owner of a web agency for ten years

Studio 1902 was founded in 2017 and owes its name to my beautiful house in Baflo, where Anno 1902 adorns the facade. I work from home, which means that you often see a cat, child or my wife walking through the screen when we're video conferencing. The variety of working independently and together on beautiful projects is what makes me love what I do.

Rob de Kort.

Besides development and design work, I like cooking, music, theater and gaming. I also have a preference for anything that has a plug. Furthermore, I am a cat person, father of two and happy with the opportunity to light a fire in my garden, but also to be able to decide to make a long journey.

Jack McDade Founder - Statamic
Jack McDade avatar.

Rob is one of Statamic's competitive advantages. His kindness, code, and critical thinking makes the community a better place.

My work

I would describe my style as minimalistic and modern. My websites always match my clients message, with an eye for beautiful design. What I absolutely stand for, is user friendliness: managing a CMS shouldn't be harder than writing a Word doc. I also think privacy and accessibility are important parts of my job.

What drives me, is the infinite change in web development. Without exaggeration: I learn every single day and I keep improving and refining. My way of working is personal and I do things with care. I don’t like keeping up appearances. Simply because being yourself brings out the best in others.

Marc Schriemer Entrepeneur
Portret van Marc Schriemer.

Working with Rob is very pleasant. From a clear quote within the deadline to a slick website. He works quickly, is knowledgeable and proactively comes up with improvements. Very satisfied!



The best cms out there. I am an official and certified partner of Statamic.


A creative agency that also makes my activist heart skip a beat. Together we work on meaningful projects, where their expertise in the field of web design, UX and impact communication fits seamlessly with my knowledge of technical realization and accessibility.

ETN Grafisk

A Norwegian design agency that hires me to develop their designs into functional and accessible websites. Their other Statamic freelance partners all use Peak to develop with.

Minke Haveman

Writer, communication specialist and copywriter. Activist. Heart on the tongue. All round lovely person.

Sythe Veenje

I regularly work at Sythe's office. We both work with Statamic and I like to hire Sythe for brand design or custom Laravel.

Ronnie Zeemering

Ronnie is a great photographer. He'll always help to find the best and most creative solutions. On top of that he's a lot of fun to work with.

Meinte Strikwerda

Meinte Strikwerda is meer dan 25 jaar een naam in Nederland als het gaat om creatieve concepten, strips, illustraties en grafisch ontwerpen. Meinte en Rob waren waren collegadocenten aan Noorderpoort Kunst & Multimedia.

Pieter Malfliet

Pieter is a graphic designer. Pieter and Rob were fellow teachers at Noorderpoort Art & Multimedia. Together we worked on several websites.

Companies I work for

Logo Sociale Benadering Dementie.
Logo CodeGorilla.
Waltec logo.
De Kinderacademie logo.
Impres BV Logo.
Logo University of Groningen.
Logo Humanitas.
Merkactivisten logo.
Logo Gemeente Groningen.
Nieuw Allardsoog logo.
Medical Action Myanmar logo.
Spottery logo.
Logo Noorderpoort.
Logo Stichting Lutje Geluk.
Logo Volt.
Logo Rijkswaterstraat - Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat.

Are you working on a project and do you want to spar, collaborate or outsource parts? I'd love to work with you.

Do you strive for purrfection?