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Website design & development

If you ask me to build a website, you get a designer for free. From the initial plans to service after delivery; I love to be involved from start to finish.

Everything you need

I like to think along about how the design comes into fruition. This way you also get the best experience with Statamic. I work for my own clients, but I also regularly look for collaborations with creative agencies and it is precisely this variety that makes me enjoy sitting (or standing) at my desk every day.

Mijn kantoor, met plant, bureau, scherm, Macbook, printer en een houten vloer en uitzicht naar buiten.
Jaliene Kwakkel PIEИ
Portret van Jaliene Kwakkel.

In 2020/2021 we worked together with Rob on the website of Climate Adaptation Groningen. A very nice and pleasant collaboration, where quality was paramount. Rob is knowledgeable, accessible, easy to contact, a thinker and when something is 'not possible', solutions are nevertheless sought together. In short, Rob is someone who recommends you with confidence.

Tech Stack


A flat file content management system with a fantastic control panel for my clients.


My open source Starter Kit for Statamic. This is what I (and lots of others) use to develop all my websites upon.

Antlers Runtime

The template language for Statamic. The latest version has been completely rewritten by the unsurpassed John Koster.


A lightweight javascript framework that makes adding interactive elements easy and fun.


A utility-first CSS framework and tool for custom design systems.


The PHP framework on which Statamic is based. It allows me to add bespoke functionality to my websites.

Laravel Livewire

Livewire is a framework for Laravel that makes building dynamic interfaces simple, without adding a frontend data layer on top.

A server management tool from Dutch soil. With Ploi you can easily configure servers and put projects online.


Affordable and fast cloud servers from our Germany. GDPR compliant.

Fathom Analytics

An alternative for the invasive Google Analytics. Gather statistics legally without cookie banner and without sacrificing your visitors privacy.


My design tool of choice for creating digital designs and prototypes.

Minke Haveman Ondernemer - Minke Haveman
Minke Haveman.

I have worked with Rob on several projects and it was an excellent experience. Rob is an absolute expert, works quickly, precisely, transparently and provides proactive advice. Plus, the cms he uses is definitely one of the nicest systems I've come across.

More than what you asked for

I reduce the CO₂ emissions of my websites by reducing assets and keeping the bandwidth of a page visit as low as possible. Next to that, I think user privacy is one of the most important things. That's why I have two principles: I believe in not tracking user behaviour and in complying with the GDPR. I also have a big focus on usability and accessibility. At the same time, I understand that websites must perform well to contribute to marketing goals. Fortunately, managing your website is a piece of cake, because I know how you can use Statamic for this. That also applies to front-end development: I like to create that extra animation or that effect that benefits the User Interface. 

Companies I work for

Logo Gemeente Groningen.
Logo Humanitas.
Medical Action Myanmar logo.
Merkactivisten logo.
Nieuw Allardsoog logo.
Logo Noorderpoort.
Logo University of Groningen.
Logo Sociale Benadering Dementie.
Spottery logo.
Logo Stichting Lutje Geluk.
Logo Volt.
Logo Rijkswaterstraat - Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat.
New York University Logo.