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Statamic Peak

Peak is an accessible Starter Kit based on advancing insights, including all SEO and a11y best practices. I have converted all my knowledge of Statamic into this Starter Kit, so that developers all over the world can have a better experience and can contribute to improving the kit themselves. This way, we work together to make the web a better, more beautiful and accessible place.

The most popular starter kit

A handy starter kit that gets you started quickly and lets you learn new things.

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Statamic Peak Logo met de tekst: "Start out on top.".

What can you find in Peak?

  • Starter Kit for custom websites in Statamic

  • Configured tools such as Tailwind CSS and AlpineJS

  • An easily expandable page builder with the standard Statamic fields and sets for long form content

  • Professional SEO support, including a built-in cookie banner

  • Space for custom social images in your own templates

  • Plus: responsive additions, browser configuration, generate favicons, dark mode support, buttons, forms and much more

Jack McDade Founder - Statamic
Jack McDade avatar.

Rob is the Jean-Claude Van Damme of the Statamic community. His code is so fast and flexible it can kick you in the face and the back of the head at the same time.

Mia Holte Designer - ETN Grafisk
Foto van Mia Holte.

Rob is a developer who's not afraid of recommending the best approach, and putting users first. He, like us, really cares about accessibility. Most of the websites we build for our clients use Rob's Statamic starter kit, so we know we're off to a good start on every project

Why this Starter Kit?

Because I use open source software myself, I think it's nice to be able to give something back to the community. The kit is widely used and referenced a lot. I enjoy working on it. Besides, it's awesome when others say, 'Oh that question? Check out this file in Peak for an example on how to do this.’

Need help?

I'd love to help you and your team by sharing my knowledge. Together we can make the web a better place.