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Bespoke and accessible websites


A new dimension in healthcare

  • Statamic
  • Peak
  • Tailwind CSS
  • AlpineJS
  • Lottie
  • Plyr
Illustratie van een gezicht en een wijzende vinger voor Sociale Benadering Dementie.

Optimal performance, with an eye for privacy and accessibility


Creating an accessible modal view with Alpine in Statamic

  • Statamic
  • Peak
  • Antlers
  • Alpine JS
  • Accessibility
A screenshot of an example Modal View with the title: "Creating a modal view with Alpine in Statamic". Below the title you can see the following text:  "A while back I wanted to create a re-usable modal view pattern for my Statamic based sites. A modal that could contain anything from text to images or video." Below that is a button labeled: "Close modal".

A cms with unprecedented possibilities


Rob de Kort.

Get started yourself

I want to give something back to the Statamic community, so I developed a free Starter Kit: Have a Peak.

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