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Talks & consultancy

In the past 15 years I have made just about every mistake in the programming process. Now I know which choices are the right ones. Although I specialize in Statamic, there are more tools I use. I am happy to tell your organization or team all about it, so that you can make better websites as well.

Build better websites

Learn all the ins and outs of tools that make your websites perform better.

I can tell you more about: Statamic, Tailwind CSS, AlpineJS, Peak, accessibility (a11y) and usability.

Improve your current website. I'd love to chat with you to look at what you already have and how you can improve it.

Rob de Kort.
Joris Hartsuiker Head of Development - Impres BV
Joris Hartsuiker.

Rob gave a clear and clear explanation about his boilerplate Peak and about the use of Statamic. If you are just starting out with Statamic or with his boilerplate Peak, this is an absolute must!

Are you interested in working with Statamic or another development tool? I regularly give training to teams and I also really enjoy having a chat about developing websites in general or a specific part. This way, I don't just share my knowledge but my enthusiasm as well.

I can also take a look at your current website. Together we can investigate how to take it to the next level.

Companies that I have already had the pleasure of advising

Logo Humanitas.
Logo Gemeente Groningen.
Impres BV Logo.
Logo University of Groningen.
Logo Volt.