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A new dimension in healthcare



Color themes, Scroll animations, News, Experiences, Trainings, Vacancies, Accessible with keyboard, SEO, Great Lighthouse scores, Custom social images, Structured data (JSON-ld)

Technology used

Statamic, Peak, Tailwind CSS, AlpineJS, Lottie, Plyr
Illustratie van een gezicht en een wijzende vinger voor Sociale Benadering Dementie.

As a result of open source work with Peak, I was asked whether I could integrate inclusive design and branding into a custom website about a new approach to people with dementia. Tao of Care is a great customer with a great story, so I asked Merkactivisten (Brand Activists) to do this impactful assignment together. Them the design, me the technology. The designs from Merkactivisten are always a fun challenge to develop. With the many effects, the trick is to keep the site user-friendly and accessible.

Sociale Benadering Dementie screenshot homepage.
The homepage

The website can be adjusted in terms of color both at page level and at block level by using color themes. In addition, the animations add dynamics to the story. They animate along with the user scrolling or in buttons on hover.

I'm proud of the end result. It just turned out to be a really cool website and I look forward to a sequel.

Jouke Zult Strategie en design - Merkactivisten
Een portretfoto van een lachende Jouke Zult.

Rob is a great developer that knows his design stuff as well.

When jobs are at stake

  • Statamic
  • Peak
  • Tailwind CSS
  • AlpineJS
  • Laravel
  • Plyr