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Page transitions, Custom cursor, Advanced page builder, Blog, Portfolio, Team, Services, Vacancies, Keyboard accessible, SEO, Lighthouse score, Custom social images, Structured data (JSON-ld)

Technology used

Statamic, Peak, Plyr, Lottie, AlpineJS, Tailwind CSS, Barba.js

A design by one of my creative collaboration partners, so: enough challenge. The many services and the broad portfolio require a large website with a lots of content and content blocks. Since the customer places and edits content himself, the page builder can be expanded with visual options.

Screenshot homepage.
The homepage

In this case, we can enrich the options in the control panel, because the user has sufficient know-how of the CMS and design. In other cases I adjust the control panel, depending on the wishes and possibilities of the customer. A nice project to work on, I got the design for this site in return :).

Jouke Zult Strategie en design - Merkactivisten
Een portretfoto van een lachende Jouke Zult.

Rob is a great developer that knows his design stuff as well.

Making the world a better place

  • Statamic
  • Peak
  • Tailwind CSS
  • AlpineJS
  • Livewire