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Making the world a better place



Color themes, Live filters, News, Events, Accessibility, Custom social images, Structured data (JSON-ld), Search

Technology used

Statamic, Peak, Tailwind CSS, AlpineJS, Livewire
Een SDG held gefotografeerd met hond in een atelier.

\Through my previous collaboration with Jaliene Kwakkel for the Klimaatadaptatieweek Groningen I got involved with this cool project. In 2021, Noorderpoort opened the first SDG House in Groningen. SDG naturally stands for the Sustainable Development Goals, and the House is, as it were, an open house: the doors are open to anyone who wants to contribute to a better world in any way possible. Noorderpoort is the first ROC to facilitate an SDG House for vocational education. The goal: to make the world a better place from Groningen. And I am happy to commit to that.

SDG House Groningen screenshot.
The homepage hero.

The photography was provided by Ronnie Zeemering and the identity by StudioTW. The website has different color themes, inspired by the colors of the SDGs. This simple concept creates a playful style. Each main color has its own contrast color. These two colors have a sufficient contrast ratio not to compromise accessibility. This makes it possible to place a text overlay on all photos - regardless of the color scheme - without losing any readability.

The website also contains several collections, such as knowledge, events and heroes. The overview pages use Laravel Livewire at the back to filter on different categories without page refreshes.

Jaliene Kwakkel PIEИ
Portret van Jaliene Kwakkel.

Working with Rob is a party! Not only because he is always cheerful, but also because he delivers fantastic and fast work. Together we delivered the website for SDG House Groningen, at the end of 2022. A collaboration that we can both be very proud of (I think). Rob is flexible (everything is possible), but he always takes a critical look at how set goals should receive visual support. And the result couldn't be better.

Video analytics and compliance software

  • AlpineJS
  • Livewire
  • Lottie
  • Peak
  • Statamic
  • Tailwind CSS