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Code Rush is a regular podcast about front-end design & development challenges in a fast-moving industry,

I fancy your house



From flat site to CMS, Read cards via the website, News, Team pages, Vacancies, Testimonials, FAQ, Keyboard accessible, SEO, Lighthouse score, Custom social images, Structured data (JSON-ld)

Technology used

Statamic, Peak, Tailwind CSS, AlpineJS, Laravel
Spottery - Ik heb een oogje op jouw huis.

Entrepreneur Marc Schriemer came to me through Minke Haveman. He had seen my livestream on Peak and was eager for us to work together on a new front cover for Spottery. During the housing crisis, this seemed like a great project to work on: do you see a house that you actually want, but that is not for sale? Then just try it, with a simple but personal card!

Spottery screenshot homepage.
De Spottery homepage
Spottery screenshot kaartjespagina.
Vul de code in en ontvang direct je bericht via een API.

There were already a number of flat web pages, but they didn't have a CMS. They looked neat and there was a clear, appropriate visual style, but the desire was to be able to add more content. In addition, accessibility and search engine optimization had to improve. No sooner said than done. A new, accessible and fully customizable website with new visual elements. Highlight: you can read received tickets directly via the website. Enter the code and the website will retrieve the card via Spottery's app. This lowers the threshold for potential users.

Marc Schriemer Entrepeneur
Portret van Marc Schriemer.

Working with Rob is very pleasant. From a clear quote within the deadline to a slick website. He works quickly, is knowledgeable and proactively comes up with improvements. Very satisfied!

When jobs are at stake

  • Statamic
  • Peak
  • Tailwind CSS
  • AlpineJS
  • Laravel
  • Plyr